The Story of Us

Hello, our names are Zinnia (the one in the pink shorts) and Annie (the other one of course). 

We are basically sisters. We are actually related but we feel closer than we actually are. We both have our own personal blogs, but we thought that it would be exciting to start a new journey beginning now. Our blog combines our own ideas and feelings to make a huge impact on the blogging world. We will be including all sorts of DIYs, recipes, fashion ideas, and even more! We are hoping to attract each viewer in a new way. We hope you enjoy our blog and any suggestions, comments, likes/dislikes, or brain spurts would be gladly appreciated in our comment boxes! :D

Three words to describe us...
Zinnia: Fashionable, Random, Hilarious
Annie: Trustful, Creative, Real Pretty-Like

Enjoy our fun-filled blog chronicling the awesome parts of life.

XOXO - the OtherLandia Authors

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