How can I contact you?
The best way is through our email: otherlandia@gmail.com. If you are emailing us a submission please write "SUBMISSION " in the subject box, this way we know what your are emailing us. While we do look at all of our comments; we check our email more often. You can also follow us on Twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook, Tumblr, and on Google+. 

Can I use your images on my blog?
Of course! We would love it if you used our images, but there are some rules to follow. You may only use one photo, and you have to give full credit to us.  Also, you have to include a link back to our blog. Other then that, we are okay with you using our images.

Can I send you an idea for the blog?
We love submissions! If you have any ideas for blog posts/ the blog in general, please contact us! (See first question above.) 

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