June 20, 2013

What I'm Enjoying Again

I like most people went through a Pandora stage, but the absence of WiFi at my house (yup I was prehistoric for a while) and my lack of patience to sit down and listen to music when I finally was in a WiFi hot spot made me distant from it... My addiction is back :D Oh my. Currently love the Ellie Goulding Radio because of some friends mentioning it and playing it at parties. I figured out I needed to listen. So I'm back on the wagon (is this ok to say?). This post seems lame, but whatever.
PS I totally recommend this station! From one friend to another it is a must listen ;)

June 10, 2013


Hello Everybody! Long time no see! Sorry about that end of the year busy schedule additions...

So I recently graduated High School, and I was very glad to have Zinnia come up and join me in my celebrations! Here are a few candids from her visit!
Beautiful Us

College Visiting... Might as well do that after the last day of high school and before the graduation ceremony...

We are staring at an awe inspiring chandelier that you will see in due time.



Here is that epic piece of craft.... Ahhh looks like a million tentacles. 

Crazy us... Who would have guessed?