April 22, 2013

Bath Time!

Why hello there! That's my bathtub. Isn't it grand? Well, today's post is only remotely linked to my bathtub. Sorry if this post has weirded you out thus far. Anyways, it's really about how to make a magnificently amazing bubble bath with having to buy a bubble bath concoction from the store!

So, to make a basic bubble bath you will need:
*Shampoo (Let it pour into the bathtub for about 10ish seconds)
*Body wash or shower gel

Now to make a super fantastic bubble bath just add these to the plain bubble bath:
* 1/2 cup of milk

Still not amazing enough? Here are some choice additives to add to make the most glorious bath time EVER:
*A pinch of cinnamon
*Vanilla extract
* Your choice of tea (chamomile, black, ginseng, sleepytime, and green tea are all very good choices)
* lavender
*epson salt (helps with soreness)
*bath salts
*coconut milk
*fizzy bath bombs
*almond oil (good for dry skin)
*canola oil (haven't tried it, but it sounds legit enough)
*essential oils
*flowers/ flower petals
Side note: please use only five at most from this list, any more is just overkill

Some fun facts to consider:
Taking a bath 90 minutes before going to bed helps you sleep
Bathing in hot water for over 20 min can dry out skin

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