February 9, 2013

DIY: Backpack Fix

So I recently purchased a cute slouch backpack from Forever 21, but the magnets on it were not particularly strong so I fixed it by changing the closure latch thingy... (haha not technical terms at all!)

Doesn't it look sad :(

Backpack, Thread, Big Needle (for sewing on the leather-like strap), Superglue (don't get it on your fingers its a bear believe me!), and Swiss Army Knife (or something you can use to punch holes in the strap)

Purpose: To get rid of my need for the magnet clasp and make a more belt style! This is is how I started out:
The top strap is what will be referred to as the upper-strap, and I will being making belt holes in it.
I will superglue and sew the bottom strap onto that metallic magnet you see, and I will be attaching these two straps together to keep my pack closed!

So What I Did:
I first poked "Belt-Holes" using the Swiss Army Knife Tool in the upper-strap so I could attach it and hold the backpack closed easier:

Attaching the bottom strap: First I superglued their magnets then sewed it onto/into the bag for extra hold.
Using a needle to sew it on: I've already superglued the magnets together.
Final Product!

What you see is the two straps belted together in a belt like fashion. I love that I now do not have to worry about them coming apart like they did before with the magnet!


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