January 5, 2013

DIY: Water Bottle

I love how this DIY turned out. I had to change my original idea a bit, but I think it turned out great in the end! This is a "water bottle" made out of a used can! Oddly, it turned out looking out like Kermit the Frog from The Muppets! (But that was just because of my decorating.) Also, it was super easy and quick to make! 

To make this fun little DIY you will need:
A used can, with lid (This works better with a smaller can)
Duct Tape
Scissors (To cut duct tape)
Cord, ribbon, or string
A wrench 

Using the wrench, I manipulated the top of the can to partially fold over. (Pictured above) Then, I made it slightly curve. Be careful while doing this because can lids tend to be sharp. Then I used the wrench to manipulate the can itself so that the lid fit better. You might not have to do this because my can lid turned out to be slightly too small. 
On to the taping! Green was the only color I have so I picked it by default. First, I taped down the lid...

Then the cord for a convenient handle...

And finally, I used the duct tape to decorate. I soon realized that regular ice cubes don't fit, but you can always do this. See what I did there? To clean, you can pour in some dish soap and water, swish it around, then rinse with water, and allow it to dry! 

You can decorate it any way that you wish! I love how mine reminds me of Kermit. 
On a different note, I made the crown I'm wearing out of plain felt! Super simple.

I am totally using this on my next adventure!
Have fun creating!

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