January 1, 2013

DIY: Grownup Crayon Art!!!!!

Today I will introduce you to an amazing form of crayon art. No, it does not include coloring books and such (unless you're that creative *wink wink*).

What you need:

Crayons (obviously!)

Some type of Cardboard or Canvas

A Glue Gun and some type of Blowdryer

1. Choose out an assortment of crayons they can be similar in color or very different it just depends on what style you are trying to convey at the moment. Then use a glue gun (Be careful not to burn yourself like I did. It hurts!) and glue the crayons onto the cardboard/canvas into a design (heart, star, whatever) that you like and can do.
2. Take your blowdryer and find a place where it is safe to perform the the craft. Set up a station with a towel or drop cloth, blowdryer, and your crayon-covered canvas/cardboard. Heat up the crayons with the blowdryer by running the blowdryer over specific crayons until they melt and bleed. (Be sure to wear clothing that you do not mind getting melted wax on!)
*as they bleed you can then take the time to carefully move the canvas around so the bleeding wax can go a certain direction to take a wanted design.
3. Step 2 may take a while so be patient. (Hint: it is easier to heat the crayons in small segments such as 3-4 at the same time so they melt quicker.)
4. When you are done and all the crayons are melted as you wish let it dry. At this time you can clean up your station.
5. Ta-Da! You are done! Hang it up somewhere or send it to a friend. Once you become more confident with this art, you can add designs or pictures for a cool effect. 

Pictures After and During the DIY:

The Finished Product!
I hope you enjoyed trying out this DIY! Please share any photos or suggestions with us through the comment box or our other media outlets listed in our FAQ page. 
We hoped you enjoyed this cool project. 
Happy New Year!

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