January 19, 2013

DIY: The Carrie Diaries Purse

New show The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to the all famous Sex and City chronicling young Carrie Bradshaw. Today I'm showing you how to create her unique purse!
What you need:

A black purse preferably fake leather. I chose a black, quilted purse that I found at Ross (Make sure its a purse you don't mind using in this)

And you will need nail polish I used purple, pink, and black! (Make sure to use nail polish you don't mind using a lot of for this DIY)


Place purse on area where you can keep it clean
De-cap the nail polish and use the drizzle technique where you pour the nail polish over the purse in quick motions:
(I started with black first to make sure that I got the hang of it so it wouldn't look to unorganized/bad with the other colors)

I also did the sides :D

Finished Product:

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you try it out as well. It is a fun DIY with an amazing end result. 

Picture Source: Source 1

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