December 31, 2012

Cool New Ice Cubes

Sorry for the messy photo! Anyways, this is such a cute idea for a party! Plus, you don't need a lot. I am really excited to share this idea of mine with you.

First off, you might be wondering what exactly is in the glass I'm holding. Well, it's a way to serve ice at a party, or any event really. That's the ice at the bottom. This way, the ice doesn't get in the way of your drinking! The trinket help shows who's glass is who's! Now let's make it!

You will need:
A trinket of some sort (make sure it's clean)
A small glass.

Put the trinket into the glass and fill partially with water. This works better if the trinket can stand up out of the water. It would be a cute idea if the trinket was a party favor for the guests. 

Put in the freezer for 3- 4 hours.

Finished result. The glass will be a little foggy. I cleaned it up using a clean dish towel

Fill it up with a beverage of some kind and serve to guests. Super easy but you need some time and patience. Perfect for any New Years parties tonight. 


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